With Charity already in the know about Belle’s married man, Belle confides in her again, revealing she thinks she might be pregnant! Charity’s horrified and insists she take her to pick up the morning-after pill. Later, having been dropped home, Belle has a chat with Rakesh before going inside. Cain clocks his half-sister talking to the lawyer, and grows suspicious.

Belle’s in bed feeling sick when Lisa returns and finds her daughter’s emergency contraception…

Having learned Lawrence isn’t her biological dad, Chrissie is spinning out. She no longer trusts him and demands to see his will to make sure she and her son Lachlan are accounted for. Later, Chrissie confides in Andy, admitting she’s being unfair on Lawrence before telling the farmer she loves him!

At Butler’s, it all kicks off when Cain wallops Pete! The attack seals Pete’s decision to go to Scotland, and he’s chuffed when Finn tells him he’s going with him. Emma, however, is not happy about it at all and tells a terrible lie to try to keep her sons close, saying she might have motor neurone disease.