Belle walks out on Lucas

As Lucas nervously prepares for his morning of passion with Belle, she bumps into Drew outside the Diner, still insisting that she feels nothing for him, although Drew isn’t convinced she’s telling the truth.

Later, Belle arrives at the house to see Lucas, and things quickly get passionate. But with Drew still on her mind, she suddenly gets up and walks out, leaving Lucas very confused. He goes to Drew for advice and Drew is very interested to hear nothing happened between Lucas and Belle.

Drew confronts Belle about her feelings for Lucas and attempts to steal a kiss. It’s too soon for Belle and she slaps him across the face, leaving him feeling a complete fool. Later, Leah notices Drew moping around and he confesses he is still in love with Belle.

Belle apologises to Lucas for leaving him in the lurch but worries she’ll give into temptation with Drew when Lucas breaks the news that he’s been accepted into a travelling writer’s festival for a three-week trip.

Elsewhere, Sam breaks the news to Jack that she can no longer afford her rent, so Jack volunteers to move in with her and Rory but she’s dubious. Later, Sam’s frantic when Rory suddenly disappears from the Diner. But she’s relieved when she hears that Rory has ended up at Jack’s house.

*Screened on RTE One, Tuesday April 10*