Belle’s article causes a stir

Belle’s article causes ructions in Summer Bay with Sally’s friends outraged at what’s been written. Furious Drew gives Gavin a piece of his mind and tells him Belle is quitting her job. But Belle has very different ideas and another fight erupts between them, which ends with Drew storming off. Belle tells Gavin she can’t understand how he could have put her in such a terrible position, but he tells her he had to rewrite her article in order to make the story sell.

Still fuming, Drew runs into Bartlett, who he holds responsible for starting the whole sorry situation with Sally. Unable to restrain his feelings, Drew tells Bartlett exactly what he thinks of him and once again quits school. He then decides he’s leaving Summer Bay, leaving Leah and Jazz to try to talk him out of it.

Furious to discover Drew has quit school, Belle confronts him and they have a nasty fight, ending with them saying that they hate each other. Following the split, Drew is more determined then ever to leave the Bay.

Also, Leah receives a phone call from a man whose child was at camp in America with Dan. The man is coming to Australia with something important to tell Leah…

*Showing on RTE One, Friday April 18*

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