Belle’s awkward moment with Joanie

'Pregnant' Belle is caught talking to her imaginary friend Ellie by Joanie in Emmerdale

Having decided to go to Joanie’s hen do, Belle is flustered when her new stepmum-to-be catches her talking to her imaginary friend Ellie. To cover up, Belle, who’s faking a pregnancy, pretends she was talking to her unborn baby, and leaves Lisa horrified when she later returns home with Joanie’s wedding dress. As Belle’s imaginary friend Ellie brands Belle a traitor for liaising with Joanie, Belle proves she isn’t by pouring wine over her stepmum-to-be’s dress!

Cain’s in bits when Moira tells him their marriage was a mistake. But while Charity is hoping her ex will stay at her place come, he goes to Lisa’s instead. At Butler’s, Moira’s desperately sad about her shattered marriage to Cain and breaks down on Holly,

Jimmy’s proving to be so useless at physio, his wife Nicola is threatening to sue him! When Dan spots Nicola limping, he agrees to treat her again. Bringing up the tricky topic of their kiss, Nicola swears it was a one off – but is she being true to herself and her feelings for Dan?