Belle’s been attacked! But whodunnit?

After being attacked, Belle is found by Ashley and Harriet who immediately take her home. As her family try to find out what’s happened, Belle becomes distressed and refuses to go to the police about it. Meanwhile, Chrissie hears about Belle’s attack and rushes home where she finds Lachlan with a cut on his head. But does that mean he’s responsible for the attack?

Pete tells Debbie that he’s due in court for manslaughter tomorrow and feels wretched as he thinks this could spell the end of their relationship. As she prepares to fight Andy for custody of their kids she won’t want anything to ruin her chances of coming out on top. Will she dump Pete?

When Robert discovers that Aaron has fixed Chrissie’s car for free, he accuses the mechanic of fancying his wife-to-be, but soon realises he’s barking up the wrong tree when he discovers Aaron is gay.