As the Dingles discuss who damaged her painting, Belle heads off into the woods where she calls her new school and starts shouting abuse at the poor person on the other end of the phone. Later, Belle steals a bottle of vodka and goes on an angry rampage in David’s shop. As Lisa and Zak wonder what they can do to help their troubled daughter, the reason for her erratic behaviour becomes clear when she feeds the family pig, Hamish, and she seems to believe that she is talking to Gemma…

As the news that Harriet has lost her job as vicar spreads around the village, Brenda suggests starting a petition to reinstate her, while Ashley feels slightly awkward because he’s been asked to take the position! How will Harriet feel when he eventually comes clean?

As Jimmy recovers from his vasectomy reversal, Nicola decides to get fit and healthy before they resume their plan to have a baby. Bernice has agreed to accompany her, but their good intentions don’t last for long. After a spot of jogging they end up in the pub where Diane has an offer on wine and Kerry tempts them with a plate of nachos!