Unable to stop thinking about Aden since the court case, Belle is trying her best to avoid Angelo. But her thoughts are interrupted by an elderly woman who has heard of Belle’s quest against the development. The woman reveals that her husband Arthur, who is currently sick in hospital, used to work for the council at the time the toxic waste was dumped.

As one of the few people who knew anything about it, he was threatened with serious repercussions if he ever spoke out. But now, as he is so ill, he’s decided it’s time to come clean. Belle immediately finds Angelo so he can take an official statement, but they get back to discover the old man has just had a stroke and it’s too late.

Back home, feeling bad for using Angelo, and worried by her growing feelings for Aden, Belle decides to sleep with Angelo to reaffirm her commitment to him.

Charlie has already got Leah’s house labelled to help Ross find his way around. She is also thinking of finding a new place better suited to Ross’s condition and quitting her job to make time for taking care of him. As Roman worries about how extreme Charlie is getting, Ross misses Morag.

Also, Ruby’s behaviour spirals out of control.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday November 20*