Determined to get to the bottom of the toxic waste mystery, Belle takes pictures of the site but is spotted by Tim, the foreman. Pretending to be a journalist, Belle then goes to the council for a look at some old council files from the time of the dump, but she is turned away.

Alf then suggests she speak to a man he knows who is now in charge of council records. He is no help, but Belle manages to sneak in to search herself. To her confusion, she finds all records from the year of the toxic waste dump are missing. Meanwhile, Tim tells Aden he hopes he didn’t just take the job on the site to help Belle.

Christine is furious to learn that Melody is still determined to divorce her and blames Morag, Miles and Geoff for her predicament. Later, Melody is walking along the road when Christine’s car pulls up beside her, and she’s yanked inside. It seems Melody has been kidnapped by her own mother…

With Rachel depressed and worried since losing Joe, Tony suggests they start planning their wedding to take her mind off things. But Rachel is too preoccupied wondering if Dane is a fit parent for Joe, and if they should try to take Joe from him.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday November 25*