Belle tries to work out what two-faced Kelli is up to and wonders if she’s trying to get her hands on Amanda’s cash. Over at Amanda’s, Belle is shocked to hear Kelli’s unusual mobile ring tone, which she clearly recognises from when she was abducted, and later fills an unconvinced Drew in on her suspicions about Kelli. Meanwhile, Kelli gets a visit from Clyde who demands five grand or else he’ll tell Amanda and the cops everything.

Belle informs Amanda of her suspicions about Kelli but her stunned mum berates Belle for the slur on her sister. Meanwhile, Clyde is driving home after being paid off by Kelli, when Belle spots him. After braking hard, Belle sees her abductor Clyde shoving loose cash into a bag she recognises from Amanda’s house.

Panicking at being spotted, Clyde drives off and calls Kelli who phones Ethan for help. Meanwhile, Belle and Drew fill Peter and Amanda in on the days events before Peter gets a call saying there’s been a fatal car accident. Belle’s suspicions are again raised as Peter finds Clyde dead with five grand cash and a note confessing to Belle’s abduction.

Also, Cassie sets her heart on a counselling venture.

*Screened on RTE One, Thursday May 31*

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