Belle’s wallet is stolen

At the concert, Belle’s bag and wallet are stolen. She’s also dismayed to find Jazz’s pendant is missing, and even more unhappy to discover that Drew ‘borrowed’ the pendant without Jazz’s knowledge. Luckily, Dom finds both the wallet and the pendant and returns them to Belle, who’s extremely relieved and grateful. But unbeknown to them, Dom has kept a photo of Belle from the wallet – he’s clearly besotted.

Jazz’s solicitor, Dane, is getting more frustrated over Jazz’s decision to keep Drew’s inheritance a secret. She claims she wants to get closer to Drew before his life is changed by his inheritance. But Dane thinks she’s just using Drew to get her hands on the cash. She initially tries to blackmail him into keeping quiet, but later realises she has to tell Drew. However, just as she’s about to reveal the truth, Drew gives her a hug for being so understanding over the missing pendant, and Jazz keeps quiet.

Worried that Tony might be mistaking her friendship for something more, Rachel sets him up on a date with nurse Julie. But at the last moment, Tony realises he can’t go through with it. Later that night, Rachel is shocked to discover Julie was assaulted in the hospital car park on her way to work.

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