Ben and Angus square up at school

Ben tells Piper that Angus stole his share of Tom Quill’s money and, when she challenges him to take it back, Ben is busted trying to break into Angus’s locker. Susan withholds judgement but is further concerned when she discovers lighting fluid and matches in Ben’s locker. Convinced Angus has set him up, Ben punches him!

When Mark discovers John and Paige are arranging to meet Dustin, he warns Paige to step back and, despite telling him to back off, she’s clearly concerned. Her unease deepens when Dustin agrees to meet John, only to panic on seeing Mark in his police uniform. Dustin sprints off with Mark in pursuit.

When Ned announces that he’s leaving Erinsborough, Lauren tells him the truth about Beth – she tried to keep a young Ned and Brad apart. Terese backs her up, and Ned tells Brad that he’ll stay. Brad is hopeful of a new start but has no idea that Ned has sworn to protect the rest of the family – and Lauren – from his dad.