Ben bonds with Stella

Ben is feeling miserable as he waits for Stella to turn up so they can spend a day together. Ian teases Phil about poor Ben having to spend a day with someone he doesn’t like. Phil tells Ben in no uncertain terms that he is to behave himself while he’s with Stella.

Stella takes Ben out to the London Dungeons and deliberately frightens him by hiding from him in the shadows. Ben is confused when Stella reappears and tells him off for ‘running off’, then promises not to tell Phil about it. Phil is pleased when Ben says they had a good time…

Elsewhere, Max is still reeling from Stacey’s revelation the previous evening but he’s soon distracted by family matters. Abi’s gerbil Rolf has died and Max is sent out on a mission to buy her a replacement pet.

At the same time, an anxious Stacey has been trying to contact Max. Max screeches to a halt as Stacey appears in front of his car demanding to know if he’s trying to avoid her. Max tells Stacey that as much as he thinks of her, he loves his wife – and unless she’s prepared to be his mistress, it’s all over.

Bert moves into the chip shop flat with Jay, and Yolande and Pat help them with their unpacking. Bert is worried when he has trouble seeing and he secretly visits an optician, who refers him to a consultant who thinks Bert may have glaucoma.

Also, Sean tries flirting with Tanya again.

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