Ben challenges Libby’s position as principle

Ben intervenes when Bailey is bullied by Jayden and when Jayden hassles Ben later, Bailey is there to return the favour. Libby grabs the three boys and Bailey explains that Jayden taunted Ben about his dad, who was killed in a riding accident. Disgusted, Libby suspends Jayden and gives Ben detention. Jayden threatens to expose Bailey’s drinking habit to his parents if he doesn’t change his story. When Bailey retracts his statement, Libby is forced to punish both Ben and Bailey for lying.

Georgia arranges a job for Kyle making fun beds for kids leaving hospital. What he doesn’t know, is that it’s actually volunteer role and Georgia’s plan is to pay Kyle herself to lift his spirits. With his self-respect intact, Kyle is energised and their love life is back on track.

Toadie encourages Naomi to report the stalker letter to the police. She procrastinates and stalls until Sheila also pushes her to face her fears. Naomi finally does speak to Matt, but it’s her behaviour afterwards – around Toadie – that convinces Sheila that Naomi’s stalker story is all a charade.

Sheila confronts her – is she doing all this to get closer to Toadie? Naomi denies all, and to keep her secret intact decides to hire herself a stalker.