Ben confesses he killed Heather!

Ben locks Phil in the house in an attempt to sober him up, worried he’ll drunkenly let slip to someone about the murder. Phil breaks out and heads to the club to steal booze. When Ben tracks him down, Phil lays into him about Heather’s murder just as Shirley walks in. A worried Phil tells Shirley he needs a word alone. When Ben sees Phil talking to the police he’s sure Phil’s going to turn him in. Ben runs to Ian’s and reveals he killed Heather!

Jay lies he’s got hayfever to hide the fact that he’s been crying. Cora gives him her antihistamine medicine. Worrying that Jay’s sleeping with Abi while he’s staying at the house, Max tells Jay he needs to move out. The cocktail of antihistamine and booze spaces Jay out and he mumbles that he ‘didn’t mean to kill her’. It’s not clear how much Abi has heard.

Derek talks the Brannings into holding a party to welcome Alice to the family. Derek pops home to pick up some cash, hidden next to his stash of illegal booze. The police turn up and tell a fuming Derek they have a warrant to search the house. Meanwhile, Alice turns up at the Brannings to find them all in the middle of an argument.