Ben faces up to his mistake

Humiliated his risqué photos have been discovered by the other students, Ben arrives back at the Kennedy house and is surprised to find Brad, Susan and Karl there. Brad proposes an idea for Ben to face up to his mistake and Ben agrees, recording a video of himself explaining what he did and his desire to see no one repeat it. His honesty moves the students, and Brad is buoyed by his success as a teacher.

Josh is stunned when his mummy blogger friend (Amber) informs him she’s witnessing her mother and her old boyfriend flirting. When Josh sees Terese have yet another go at Brad then Brad walking out, instead of supporting Terese, he asks her to sit down – he has something to tell her.

Amber tells Paige that, while breaking up with Daniel was the right thing to do, it will take some time before she can get used to seeing the man she was in love with, with another woman.