Ben and daughter Carly move into their new house, but Ben finds some drugs in her bag and washes them down the sink. Furious, he locks Carly in the house!

Meanwhile, Cindy is sexually frustrated. Dirk surprises her with a new writing desk, but her focus is on a hot, sweaty Jason who has helped Dirk carry the table up the stairs. Later, Cindy thinks Jason has invited her to the Roscoes’ to sleep with him. She climbs into his bed – but Robbie is there instead!

Robbie drives Nancy to her next interview but, when it doesn’t go well, she takes her anger out on him. He nearly drives into Wayne, who’s looking at the envelope of reward money from the Lovedays. Later, Wayne is mugged by Robbie who wants the cash to help Nancy pay for childcare – but Robbie’s unaware he’s left his sunglasses at the scene…

As Tegan begs Ziggy to come and visit her, Rose is struggling to settle in at Diane’s flat, so Ziggy takes one of Tegan’s jumpers for Rose to cuddle. Diane tells Leela about Ziggy’s kindness and Leela feels guilty for pushing him away. Leela and Ziggy visit Tegan in prison, but she swears they’re both going to pay for betraying her. Later, a prison guard gives Tegan her personal items, which includes a pair of surgical gloves – is she the Gloved Hand?

Also, Zack’s stunned when he sees Lisa and Wayne kissing and tells Lisa to leave if the money’s more important to her. She’s clearly conflicted about leaving her family and tells Wayne she won’t go with him. Zack arrives to protect his sister and is overpowered by Wayne, who takes the cash and leaves Zack bruised on the floor. Lisa returns with Zack – but will he keep her secret?