Ben flips out at Susan’s double standards

Susan’s annoyed that Sarah still won’t tell Angus she has cancer. If Angus were told, then Ben could be told, and everyone could be more understanding. Soon after, Angus receives an email from Sarah and instantly goes off the rails. But Ben’s furious when he discovers that Angus has been let off the hook yet again.

Karl tells Piper that Terese will be fine once she’s slept off the booze, and Lauren says she’ll keep an eye on her. Later, when Terese has woken up, she agrees to a health retreat to get herself together. Meanwhile, Piper admits to Tyler that she’s struggling to deal with Terese on her own. Tyler reminds Piper that she has an excellent support network, including him. When Tyler comes over later, the evening takes an intense romantic turn.

Xanthe decides to sell Naomi’s old designer clothes to pay back Tom Quill – and it seems everyone’s happy to donate. The only problem is, Xanthe’s told everyone that the cause is a charity for needy kids.