Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild continues as Ben meets Jeff and Rose and their five daughters who live in the vast wilderness of North West Canada

Imagine living in the wildernesss of 
North West Canada, where temperatures in the six-month-long Winter are minus 30 on average, with composting toilets, no running water and food courtesy of Mother Nature – if you don’t shoot a moose, Winter’s going to be hungry as well as cold.

That’s the tough life Jeff and Rose Burkinshaw have chosen, on a forest plot they cleared themselves and where they built their solar-powered house, home to the couple and their five daughters.

Ben Fogle's New Lives in the Wild - shows Jeff and Rose Bukrenshaw infront of cabin

Jeff and Rose live a wild life

The family are a likeable, self-reliant bunch and they make Ben Fogle very welcome 
as he samples their lifestyle.

But, worries Ben, are they really as happy as they look?

And are the girls missing out on what wider society has to offer?

TV Times rating: ****