Ben goes mad in the Minute Mart!

Patrick tells Ben he wants him to pay for the damage to the window. Ben can’t raise the money and, in desperation, he locks himself and Patrick in the Minute Mart and destroys the shop. Rather than giving in to intimidation Patrick tries to talk Ben down, realising he’s scared of his dad. Phil arrives and demands to know what’s going on. Patrick keeps silent in an attempt to protect Ben. Phil assumes Patrick’s been tormenting Ben and threatens him.

Syed and Tamwar are stunned when they learn their parents are divorcing. Masood is adamant that divorce is the only thing that will help Zainab. Tamwar begs Masood to talk things through with Zainab. Doubting his decision, Masood visits Zainab, but finds Yusef in the house. Yusef insists Zainab is being well looked after. A crushed Masood leaves and tells Tamwar that it’s too late.

Tyler is still refusing to talk to Anthony. Eddie’s fed up with the atmosphere. He bumps into Michael and asks him if he’d like to move in with the family. Vanessa is surprised to find out how close Eddie and Michael now are. Vanessa talks to Eddie and says she can find a way to get Tyler and Anthony talking again…