Phil stalls for time as DCI Keeble and DI Marsden knock on the door, wanting to speak to Ben. When Ben won’t answer his phone, Phil calls Jay, telling him to find Ben immediately. Meanwhile, Ben is getting passionate with Paul in the Cokers’ Chapel of Rest, when they are almost caught out by Pam and Les. Ben manages to hide under the coffin just in time to avoid being seen, getting locked into the room after Pam makes Paul leave to eat.

Paul is finally able to let Ben out of the Chapel of Rest, only for Ben to find he’s got six missed calls. When Jay spots Ben in the Square, Phil distracts the police while Jay approaches him. Told to run by Jay, Ben is soon caught and arrested on suspicion of murdering Lucy. Meanwhile, at the Beales’, Jane reveals to a stunned Ian that she has Lucy’s phone, having kept it hidden under the floorboards. Jane hints to Ian that maybe they should let Ben take the rap for the murder.

Abi is furious with Max for having a go at Ben for nearly running over Carol. After reminding Max he’s got no job, no house and no life, Abi storms off. Telling Max that he is rapidly running out of family, Carol encourages her brother to build bridges with Abi. After calling Abi over to the house, Max reveals he’s cooked dinner, apologising for being harsh with Ben. Abi agrees to accept his apology, as long as he also says sorry to Ben.