Ben is arrested!

Will Ben be forced to face the consequences of his actions?

Kat takes Ben away to the police station to question him over Brody’s assault. Ziggy races to The Diner and blasts Brody for going to the police. Brody says that he never pressed charges, much to Ziggy’s dismay, but Brody does tell Ziggy if the police do ask him questions, he will tell the truth. Will Ben be charged with assault?

Meanwhile, Robbo goes for a run on the beach, desperate to clear his head after his encounter with the man at the cabin. He checks his phone to see if he can find out who Becket Reid is. Desperate to find out more information and worried about Kat’s safety he heads to the police station. Kat explains that she’s fine and there have been no more updates on the culprit who blew up the cottage.

When Kat reveals that she has a copy of the case files at her flat, Robbo leaves and breaks into the pier apartment so he can read Kat’s files but he finds nothing. However, Marilyn sees Robbo breaking in and is alarmed by his actions. She goes to the flat to check on him, but he snaps at her. Later, Robbo heads back to the police station and hacks Kat’s computer -but will he be caught?

Also, Alf is shocked to discover his new grandson Ryder and that Ryder’s mum is Alf’s daughter Quinn! Alf and Quinn haven’t been on speaking terms for a long time and Ryder refuses to give Roo and Alf his mother’s details. With Ryder being difficult, Alf begins to lose his temper, much to Ryder’s amusement. And Ryder’s bad boy antics don’t stop there when he decides to steal Alf’s wallet…