Jordan asks Chelsea to take him to Ben’s leaving party at the Vic. Jordan apologises to Ben and they make friends again. Ben heads to court for his sentencing and tries to be brave, but he is terrified and wishes he’d agreed to run away. Ben is sentenced to eight months detention and five months in a young offenders’ institute. A distraught Phil watches as his son is led away.

Christian and Jane set up the decorations for Ina’s birthday party in the Vic. Zainab arrives and blanks Christian and asks Jane what time they need the food. An insulted Christian tells Zainab her catering isn’t needed any more. Masood gets involved in the spat. Christian blurts out that he loves Syed and Masood punches him. Syed is horrified when he finds out that Masood hit Christian. He approaches Christian and apologises and tries to kiss him, but Christian pushes him away.

Jean wants Stacey to bring Lily along to Ina’s party at the Vic. Stacey makes up an excuse not to go and says that she doesn’t want Lily to catch cold. Becca encourages Jean to leave for the party and says she’ll talk Stacey round. Stacey refuses to leave the house and locks herself in her room.

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