Ben kisses Duncan!

Ben has been training at the gym with Christian. Phil arrives and taunts Christian, indicating that boxing is a better pastime for a bloke than ‘listening to show tunes’. Phil tells Ben that he’ll get him a proper trainer if he commits to boxing. Ben’s left stewing at Phil’s homophobic swipe at Christian. Phil arranges for Ben to spar with Duncan. Ben blushes as he meets Duncan’s gaze. After the session they’re left alone in the gym. Ben moves in for a kiss, but quickly apologises. Duncan kisses Ben back!

Lauren reassures Tanya that she hasn’t told Cora about her cancer. Lauren sorts out an argumentative Abi and Tanya is grateful. Lauren tells Abi that Tanya needs a break. Tanya later confesses to Lauren that her cancer has spread and she’s going to have to have chemotherapy. Lauren is strong for Tanya and comforts her.

Yusef encourages Tamwar to go home, so that he’ll find an unconscious Zainab. Tamwar and Syed break in when there’s no answer. Syed sees the bottle of pills in Zainab’s hand. Yusef hints to the Masood brothers that Zainab’s under pressure and tried to kill herself. Zainab wakes up in hospital. A suspcious Syed tells Yusef he’s going to get to the truth.