Ben is angry when Christian tells him that his behaviour was inappropriate. Amira sees an upset Ben with Christian and tells Syed. Roxy encourages Christian to make an effort with Amira for Yasmin and Syed’s benefit and Amira is grateful when he decorates a room in the flat as a nursery. Ben wants to hurt Christian and he lies to an enquiring Yusef that Christian molested him.

Mandy’s still annoyed with cheapskate Ian and threatens to go through her little black book of numbers if he doesn’t buy her a better ring. Ian brings home an expensive engagement ring and a beautiful wedding dress. Bobby goes missing and Ian frantically searches for him. Bobby comes home – with Jane holding his hand…

Anthony feels bad about kissing Jodie behind Poppy’s back and confesses to Tyler, who thinks Anthony’s doing well for himself! Jodie feels terrible when Poppy gushes to her about how much she likes Anthony. Jodie decides it’s time she left London and went home.

Also, Phil and Jay wreck Roxy’s old flat now that it’s been repossessed by Janine, in revenge for Roxy’s eviction. Janine warns Phil not to make her into an enemy.