Ben makes a confession to Ian

Ian is stunned when Denise reveals she dug up Lucy’s phone and wallet, calling the police to inform them. As they wait for the police to arrive, Ben turns up, insisting he needs to talk to Ian alone. Ben confesses what happened the night of Lucy’s murder, begging Ian not to tell the police. Realising he needs to help his brother, Ian agrees to keep it secret, making an excuse to send Keeble on her way. Left alone, Ian plugs in Lucy’s phone to see what’s on there…

After falling out with Jay when he discovers that Ian still has Lucy’s belongings, an upset Ben storms off. Bumping into Johnny, he reads the situation wrongly when Johnny is sympathetic, moving in for a kiss. Feeling rejected when Johnny backs off, Ben runs away.

Lola covers for Ben and Jay at The Albert when they can’t come in. When Abi turns up looking for Ben, Lola tries to make things up with her. Insisting nothing is going on between her and Jay, Lola is relieved when Abi softens. Lola is surprised when Abi reveals that she’s dating Ben.

Also, Denise is left fuming after words are exchanged between her and Jane when Jane lets slip that she and Ian slept together while Ian and Denise were still together.