Ben feels guilty that Roxy has lost custody of Amy following the babysitting accident. Ben makes an emotional apology to Roxy on Christian’s advice, which she accepts. Ben brings a film round to Christian’s to watch as a thank you. Christian’s shocked when Ben leans in for a kiss and he rejects him. Ben is mortified and flees Christian’s flat, running into a surprised Zainab and Yusef, who wonder what’s happened.

Meanwhile, Amira wants Syed to help her get one of Janine’s flats in Walford. Syed agrees, but insists that nothing will change between them, as he still loves Christian. Amira deletes calls from Christian to Syed’s phone. Amira tells Yusef that she’ll convince Zainab to forgive him for the fake DNA test if he’ll help her get Syed back.

Mandy’s frustrated when Ian won’t have her engagement ring adjusted. Mandy offers to sell it to Tyler and learns that Ian only paid 20 quid for it! Mandy visits Jack on the pretence of checking on Amy and drops the ring in his bedroom. Mandy tells Ian she’s lost her ring at Jack’s. A jealous Ian is furious when he finds the ring in the bedroom. Jack tells Ian he’s been played. Ian realises Mandy
found out the true price of the ring.