Abi is furious over Ben’s bombshell and insists on knowing who he slept with. Storming off, Abi is followed by Ben, who convinces her to go to the clinic with him so they can check on her and the baby. Ben is told he needs to be tested and it will take a few days for the results to come through. When Abi admits to Babe that she and Ben have been told not to sleep together until the results are ready, Babe suggests Abi find someone else to get pregnant by instead!

Whitney is left on her own helping Babe in the kitchen after Abi cancels her shift. As the tension between them grows, Babe brings up Whitney kissing Mick. When Whitney slips up and accidentally reveals she’s kissed Mick twice, Babe insists she confess to Lee or she’ll do it for her.

Stacey and Sonia are in a panic when they can’t contact a missing Martin. Ian arrives to break the news that Martin is visiting Michelle in Florida. When Kush finds out that Martin has left, he heads to the hospital to beg Stacey not to give up on their son without Martin to help her. Stacey has help from the nurse, who encourages her to build her confidence with her son.

Also, Ian and Jane get an offer on the restaurant.