Ben Mitchell is attacked by violent lover Luke Browning!

Ben Mitchell rejects Luke Browning when he turns up at the garage to win him back and an angry Luke turns on him and beats him up.

Jay is stunned that Ben has decided not to keep Luke’s gift of a sports car – or at least take it for a spin! Ben is insistent, even when Luke turns up in a bid to get Ben to give him another chance. When Ben refuses, Luke turns nasty. Ben fights back but ends up taking a severe beating…

Carmel tries on the engagement ring she found before putting it back. Later, Max slips back to Carmel’s to secretly retrieve the ring. Meanwhile, Carmel is telling all her friends and family that Max is going to propose that evening and invites them to The Vic. But is she going to be bitterly disappointed?

Linda is having doubts about Mick’s commitment to her. It’s make or break time for their marriage, as Mick tries desperately to convince Linda that he loves her. After Sharon gives Linda a reality check about her relationship, Sharon talks to Mick to ask him how he really feels. Linda overhears his answer. Will it reassure her?