Ben Mitchell is back in the Square!

Jay collects his things from Phil’s, telling him he’s disgusted by his affair with Shirley. Phil insists that it only happened once, persuading Jay to stay in Walford for the wedding. Meanwhile, Shirley is in a suspiciously good mood, even complimenting a surprised Sharon. After planning Phil’s stag do at the Vic, Shirley visits Phil, hoping for some one-to-one time with him. Forced to hide when Jay turns up, Shirley is left in the house as Jay takes Phil to the Arches for a surprise… He’s shocked to find Ben there!

Roxy has fun with Charlie as he helps her finish Sharon’s wedding favours. Her day soon gets worse, however, when Aleks says he can’t to go the wedding with her, while Sharon overlooks Roxy to be Matron of Honour, asking Linda instead. There’s happier times for another of the Albert Square ladies, however, when Dean asks Lauren to be his plus one.

Alfie is questioned by the police over the fire after Tosh’s tip off that it could have been started deliberately. Confronted by a furious Stacey in the Vic, Tosh sticks to her guns, despite the Carters all turning against her. After the police involvement, Mick tells Alfie that he shouldn’t worry and should go ahead with the claim.