Ben Mitchell is paranoid about Phil

Ben Mitchell worries that Phil thinks more of Jay than he does of him.

Ben Mitchell is initially chuffed that Phil has given him The Arches. But his balloon is soon burst when he finds out that Jay’s inheritance – the car lot – is worth a lot more money. His old paranoia coming to the fore, Ben worries that Phil values Jay more. When he shares his concerns with Kathy, she storms over to see Phil and have a go!

Not wanting to rock the boat, Jay tells Sharon he doesn’t want to upset anyone – especially her – and he says he’s going to refuse the car lot. Realising how sincere Jay is, Sharon encourages him to take his due. Seeing Sharon and Jay hugging makes Ben even more paranoid. He confronts Phil and shares a few home truths. When Phil refuses to give a good explanation as to why Jay has the car lot and not Ben, Ben tells him to keep The Arches!

Carmel invites Max over for dinner following her surprise love declaration. Despite Kush’s attempt to make an effort, Shakil is having none of it and is sullen with a fed up Max. Later, Max takes Steven aside and insists that he help him out with his latest plan. What is Max going to force him to do?

Also, Linda offers Tracey her job back.