Ben puts his job on the line

A homeless man tells Pcs Will Fletcher and Sally Armstrong that he’s been hit on the head by a bag of bricks, which turn out to be bags of cocaine. At Sun Hill, Pc Ben Gayle gets a call from young Liam Harvey, and races round to his house to find him badly beaten. But Liam’s father, Bob, claims not to have seen a thing. CCTV footage shows that Liam dumped the drugs, so Stone and Ben head to the hospital to question him. While Stone quizzes Liam alone, Ben escorts Bob to Sun Hill for questioning. When Bob goads Ben about Liam’s beating, the angry Pc headbutts him. Stone is furious to find Bob bleeding and claiming Ben attacked him. Back at Sun Hill, as DS Max Carter and DC Terry Perkins look further into the case, Stone tries to save Ben’s career when the DPS arrive at the station to interrogate him… VIDEO: Watch a clip from this episode of The Bill