Ben can see that Phil is in a better mood at the Vic darts match. Making a bold move, Ben publicly kisses Paul. Unable to deal with seeing Ben kiss a man, Phil storms off home. An annoyed Sharon, Kathy and Jay follow Phil to try to talk to him, but return after having no luck. Disheartened when Jay tells Ben that it was no use, Ben is later left hopeful when Phil returns to The Vic and buys a round of drinks.

Denise is stunned when Libby confesses that she’s pregnant, but has decided not to keep the baby. Refusing to accept Libby’s decision not to keep her child, Denise celebrates Libby’s pregnancy. Turning to Kim for support, Libby has another bombshell for Denise, revealing that it’s too late as she’s already started the termination process.

Masood is feeling down after Tamwar’s departure, pushing him towards the temptation of going to the casino. When Mick realises all is not well, he encourages Masood to take a chance on Carmel.

Also, Kyle is suspicious of Andy’s growing interest in Stacey, reminding him that she’s engaged.