Ben takes his twisted revenge on Louise

Phil talks Ben into having a game of pool and questions him about why Louise wrote lies about him in his diary. Ben deflects Phil’s questions by lying that he needs some advice about a girl he likes at school. Later, Ben confronts Louise and tells her she’s going to learn a lesson the same way he did. He burns her arm with a spoon from a hot drink, Stella-style…

Ronnie tells Peggy that she wants to see Roxy. Peggy persuades Roxy to offer an olive branch to her sister. Roxy prepares Ronnie’s favourite meal and invites her for dinner. The sisters get on well until Ronnie asks Roxy for the money she lost when Sam skipped bail. A furious Roxy accuses Ronnie of only wanting her money and throws her out.

Masood opens the door to find Amira’s dad Qadim and two heavies. Qadim tells Masood that Syed has ruined Amira’s life and he’s here for payback. Masood insists he doesn’t know where Syed is. Later, Christian comes face-to-face with Qadim and the heavies in his flat and they beat him up. Masood sees Christian calling for help, but ignores him.

Also, Peggy and Pat don’t know they’ve both got a date with Harvey.

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