Ben tries to kiss Michelle!

Carla turns up for work but the factory girls are frosty towards her. Michelle’s angry and upset that Carla kept quiet about Tony and Ben comforts her and then tries to kiss her. Michelle’s shocked and Ben leaves embarrassed. Carla explains to Hayley how she panicked when Tony told her he’d murdered Liam and she just had to get away. Roy persuades Hayley to forgive Carla.

Kevin finds out Sally will lose their deposit of £250 if they cancel the Paris trip so he agrees to go. Kevin and Molly spend the afternoon in bed at the motel, but Kevin keeps quiet about his weekend in Paris knowing Molly will be upset. Molly asks Kevin to meet her later in the garage so she can give him his Christmas present.

Rosie’s smug as she tells Sophie she’s been head-hunted by a guy called Alfie to work as his promotions girl flogging Vodka to all the cool bars.

Also, Gail shows a prospective buyer round the house but when she makes a low offer Gail turns it down; Competition winners Norris and Freda have their photos taken for a magazine; Audrey and Norris meet in the Rovers for a pre-party drink. Claire compliments Norris on how dapper he looks.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Hayley calls a meeting of the factory girls and persuades them to cut Carla a bit of slack and give her a chance. Hayley, Julie, Sean and Fiz tell Carla they are willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and Carla’s grateful.

Audrey and Norris arrive at the Weatherfield Traders’ Association Christmas party. Audrey bumps into Claudia and her dashing other half Lewis. Audrey’s shocked when Claudia tells her that Lewis isn’t her boyfriend but an escort. She gives Audrey Lewis’s card.

Tyrone surprises Molly with a huge Christmas tree. He tells her about the miserable Christmases he had as a child and how he wants this one to be special leaving Molly feeling horribly guilty. Sally and Kevin are excited as they set off for Paris as Molly watches from a distance.

Also; Kevins unimpressed watching Rosie’s getting all dolled up in hot pants and a boob tube for her first night as a promotions girl; Ben feels uncomfortable around Michelle and decides it’s time to move back home. Michelle explains to Ryan that Ben made a pass at her; Gail and Joe set their wedding date – 2nd January, while a disapproving Audrey phones her grandson Nick.

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