Shirley begs Ben to visit Phil in prison. Derek suggests to Ben he should go along as he could have some ‘fun’ with his dad. Ben tells Shirley he’ll go to the prison. He’s full of bravado as he sits opposite Phil. Ben insists he wants Phil to stay in prison for a very long time and when he dies he’s going to dance on his grave! Phil and Shirley are in shock as Ben grins menacingly…

Whitney is upset when Sophie reprimands her for talking to Jack and Roxy about Amy. Whitney tells Bianca she could lose her job. A furious Bianca confronts Roxy. Jack tells Bianca he’ll calm things down with Sophie. Whitney is relieved when Sophie drops by and asks her to return to work.

Lucy is happy when Ian agrees to spend some time just the two of them and suggests they go to the Vic for lunch. Mandy is irritated and tries to tempt Ian to stay at home by donning some sexy lingerie. Ian promises to be back by 2pm. Lucy is annoyed when Ian calls time on their lunch to head home to Mandy. She accompanies Ian and embarrasses Mandy, who is waiting for Ian in her scanties!