Benidorm is back! Nigel Havers guest stars as a dentist trying to extract something from Kenneth

We’re back at the Solana as the Dawsons step off the coach ready to enjoy another holiday in the sun.
But why hasn’t Eddie (Bobby Knutt) got any suitcases? And doesn’t that mardy Beni-Go rep look familiar?

Whatever, it all results in an upgrade for Sheron and Billy (Julie Graham and Steve Edge),
so they’re happy.

Meanwhile, a stony-broke Kenneth (Tony Maudsley) is using the Blow ’n’ Go salon as a bedsit, but the arrival of a smooth-talking dentist (Nigel Havers) could change all that…

If you need a splash of sunshine in these cold winter nights, look no further than Benidorm. Bright pink cocktails optional.