Ben’s anti-bully campaign backfires

Ben admits to Stella that he’s afraid of the school bullies and she encourages him to stand up to them. Stella promises to back him up and an inspired Ben prepares to confront his tormentors. Ben is triumphant when he kicks the nasty Jez, but he’s terrified when the other bullies round on him. A cruel Stella watches them from her car, until finally breaking it up, and she tells a frightened Ben to pull himself together.

Rob is being pushed to his limit by the two women in his life and he snaps at Dawn when she demands to know when he’s going to move in with her. Rob also gets it in the neck from May, who is fed up with Rob’s guilty conscience. Rob finally snaps and tells Dawn that he can’t be with her. A devastated Dawn is sure that May has put a stop to their affair and vows to fight for her man.

Stacey’s complicated love life takes a back seat for a change when Sean leaves her to deal with their mum Jean yet again. Stacey goes to see an agitated Jean and when Max calls he’s miffed when she tells him that she can’t speak to him. Later, Stacey is angry when Max confronts her and she reminds him that he’s not the only one with family problems. Max apologises for standing her up the previous night and books a hotel room for them. But Stacey is left waiting yet again when Max allows himself to be seduced by Tanya.

Also, a delighted Peggy finds out that Honey is pregnant; Billy is horrified when all his new internet café computers are stolen from his shop.

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