Ben’s attempt to help Ian backfires

Shirley reassures Ian that Lucy will see sense. When Ian abruptly turns off the TV as Shirley mentions Heather she he responded to Lucy’s name instead. Armed with this news, Ben takes Ian to see Lucy, hoping it will help Ian get better. Instead Ian cowers as Lucy yells at him. A furious Phil warns Ben not to help Ian, as they are safer with Ian as he is. Ben is torn, wanting to help his brother.

Michael’s efforts to welcome Scarlett home from hospital go unnoticed by a nervous Janine. When Janine calls the nurse, despite Michael insisting Scarlett is fine, a fed up Michael leaves her to it. Finding Jean on the doorstep Michael lets her in. Initially furious, Janine is grateful for Jean’s help when she soothes a crying Scarlett. Janine leaves an apologetic message for Michael.

When Denise is sceptical of Kim’s claim that Ray wants to live with her, Kim says she’s jealous. Determined to prove Denise wrong, Kim asks Ray outright and is left humiliated when Ray says he’s renting a flat for Sasha and her mum. Later, Ray walks in on Kat talking to her mystery lover on the phone, while in the Square Michael ends a call. Ray’s not Kat’s mystery man… but is Michael?