Ben’s attitude makes Angus suspicious

Ben assumes Susan was lenient with Angus because she’s mellowed out but she’s furious when he confesses that the fundraiser isn’t actually for charity. Hurt, Ben reveals his frustration at the way he’s been treated and Susan and Karl finally tell him why Angus is there, including the fact that he doesn’t know his mum has cancer. Ben promises to be nice to him, but his change in attitude makes Angus suspicious.

Tyler apologises to Piper for bailing but they both know what would’ve happened if he’d stayed and sparks fly again. Later, Piper invites Tyler back to her place but he says it’s better if they aren’t alone together.

On his way to a job at Harold’s, John sees a woman with long brown hair and is stunned to realise he recognises her. Meanwhile, Amy encourages Paige to be truthful with John about how she feels. Paige steels herself to be honest but before she can say her piece, John sees the brunette woman again and gives chase.