Ben’s filled with rage…

Trevor and Ben fight at The Loft after a very angry Ben reveals he knows about the affair. Sienna admits the truth to Maxine who advises her to stay silent. Meanwhile, Grace arrives at the church with Sienna but her groom Trevor is nowhere to be seen. When he finally arrives, he bumps into Nico outside the church and she gives him a hug… but actually stabs him in the side.

Trevor considers ringing 999 but decides to get married first. Grace walks up the aisle towards her groom and, as Trevor and Grace exchange vows, killer Nico arrives back at school. Trevor makes sure he says his “I do” before collapsing in to Grace’s arms and, with one last breathe, he tells her he loves her.

Also, John Paul and James cross paths with Scott again – but this time John Paul realises what he’s lost.