Ben’s past catches up with him

When Tyler learns Ben’s reluctant to put his name down for the school concert, he tells him to reinvent himself as a guitar god. To Susan’s amazement, Ben goes for it and she realises the benefit of Tyler’s friendship with her grandson. At the concert audition, Ben blows everyone away on the guitar, but his past soon catches up with him – with devastating results.

As a guilty Naomi laments the fact that she is liable for Toadie’s accident, Paul gets his lawyer, Tim Collins, to find out whether the Rebecchi family will sue. Sonya thinks Tim’s dodgy and questions Naomi over why he visited them. Naomi covers and Paul tells her, if they keep quiet, things will turn out alright. However, a chance meeting with Kyle makes Sonya question Naomi’s liability for the first time.

Nate’s crushed when he hears Chris has moved on with someone else, so Sheila decides to set him up with Aaron. When Nate later finds himself bonding over past hurts with Aaron, it seems that Sheila’s matchmaking may have been a success.