Ben’s secret escalates

Phil wants Patrick to apologise to Ben. Patrick refuses and Phil bans him from the cafe in retaliation. In the Vic, Phil announces to general disbelief that Patrick was intending to harm Ben. Patrick keeps Ben’s secret, but does reveal that Ben stole from the shop and smashed the bed and breakfast window. Denise accuses Phil of being racist. Meanwhile, Ben meets up with Duncan and is gutted when Duncan dumps him over his behaviour towards Patrick.

Eddie is happy that Tyler and Anthony are now talking, thanks to some help from Vanessa. Eddie wants the family and Vanessa together that evening as he wants to tell Tyler and Anthony about their half-brother Craig. Michael bumps into Vanessa and calls her old and desperate for hanging around Eddie. Vanessa is triumphant that Eddie trusts her enough to have her in on a family discussion. Michael’s fuming to have lost the upper hand.

Ian has a letter confirming his marriage to Jane is over. Ian learns that Mandy has gone to the club and glumly tells Alfie she’s probably sizing up another ‘mug’. Ian returns home and finds Mandy, who has popped back to get a jumper. Ian tells Mandy about the divorce. Mandy is sympathetic and joins him for a drink.