Bernice and Andy are caught in the act!

As the beauty salon finally opens its doors, Kerry gives the villagers a tour of the premises to show them what’s on offer, but they all get more than they bargained for when they find a near-naked Andy getting it on with Bernice in the tanning room!

At Belle’s trial, Dom surprises everyone by storming into court and declaring that he believes the teenager didn’t mean to kill his daughter and, what’s more, he forgives her! But rather than help Belle, it seems Dom has made things a whole lot worse when the prosecution add manslaughter to the charges! With a prison sentence becoming more and more likely, Belle pleads not guilty and the jury head off to discuss the case. But it’s not long before they return with their verdict. What does the future hold for young Belle?

Priya struggles to cope when she’s left alone with a crying Amba, so she asks David to help out and, of course, he jumps at the chance of looking after his baby girl. After David gets his daughter to sleep, it’s not long before he nods off, too, and when Priya sees them together she enjoys playing happy families – even if it is only temporary – so she switches David’s phone to silent, even though she knows he’s meant to be at Jacob’s sports day. Later, Alicia’s annoyed that David’s let down Jacob as she becomes increasingly irritated by Priya’s presence in their lives…