*First episode*

So Jimmy’s knackered and needs a rest and Bernice has got just the remedy. Having been persuaded by his sister-in-law into staying at a hotel for the night, Jimmy lies to wife Nicola about having to work late and instead sneaks off for some luxury R&R!

But there’s a problem at check-in. Jimmy calls Bernice to help and is left stunned when she turns up and to solve the issue tells the receptionist she’s his wife! Too tired to argue, Jimmy goes along with it, but trouble is brewing as back at home, Nicola has spotted an email confirmation from the hotel in her husband’s inbox…

In the Woolpack, an upset Ronnie tells Rebecca her father will never change, prompting Rebecca to try to get her dad to put things right with Ronnie once and for all.

Charity and Chas get together for a moan about Aaron, Robert and Liv. And excited Belle shares her plans for the future with boyfriend Bailey.