Bernice clocks Paddy up to no good

Rhona is chuffed as the adoption process seems to be going OK. But she wouldn’t be happy if she knew what Paddy was doing behind her back. As the love-cheat vet carries on with Tess, Paddy decides to buy her a gift. But when Bernice finds Paddy shopping for jewellery online, she assumes he’s getting something for Rhona and tips her off! Whoops!

Robert’s thrown when DS Hart reveals they have no evidence to link Ross Barton to his shooting. Meanwhile, Debbie has words with Ross, who swears he had nothing to do with the attempted murder of Robert. But deep down, Ross knows the net is closing in on him.

With the Dingles in a total mess, Cain steps up and takes Zak’s place as the head of the family. And first on angry Cain’s to-do list is his dad, Zak.