The guilt’s written all over her face… Bernice breaks out in hives!

Bernice's guilt about taking her dead client's money starts to show up on her face

While Nicola and Jimmy have earmarked all sorts of things they’d like to splash Mrs Dumphreys’ cash on, Bernice feels sick at the thought. The salon owner has never been comfortable with taking money from the OAP – who died in the salon after a big win on the horses – even though Nicola and Jimmy have done their best to justify it. The guilt becomes literally written all over Bernice’s face as she comes out in hives because of the stress of it all!

Following the quad-biking accident, Sarah comes round and is distressed to find herself in hospital.

At Home Farm, Chrissie beats herself up about her son Lachlan, who hasn’t been seen for days. The mum is convinced he’s taken his own life and feels responsible.

[Second episode of evening].