Bernice learns the truth – James isn’t interested

*Second episode*
It’s insult added to injury for poor bar wench Bernice, whose attempt at a beer festival turned out to be a disaster. To top it off, Jimmy and Nicola are forced to admit they exaggerated James’s interest in the single mum.

Meanwhile, man of the moment James is in the middle of a nightmare of his own at Butler’s. When Pete admits he is the drug dealer not Ross, the farmer refuses to believe his son. It takes real effort to get James to listen as Pete explains he did it to keep the family afloat. Ross walks in on the pair hugging out their problem. Will James do the same with wronged Ross?

In the cafe, Brenda’s caught off guard when the customer she stole from returns for her purse. As the lady’s anger mounts, she accuses Ruby of stealing it before threatening to call the police! Though Bob leaps to her defence, later on in private with guilty Brenda, he admits he’s worried the woman may be right about Ruby.