Bernice thinks Andy’s still into her so she plans to seduce him! After paying Andy’s housemate Adam to make himself scarce for the evening, Bernice cooks dinner and, wearing a sexy outfit, waits to pounce on Andy when he comes home. But when he walks through the door with his new love, Katie, Bernice realises she’s completely misread the situation and feeling completely humiliated, she pours a pan of spaghetti over her love rival’s head! Do you want a bit of pepper on that, Katie?

Donna hatches a plan to get rid of Gary by planting drugs in his home and then arranging to have the police raid the property. Gary, however, is one step ahead of Donna because someone has tipped him off, so when the police turn up the drugs are nowhere to be found…

Jai’s stressed out about Priya’s decision to marry his former business acquaintance Rakesh, who he can’t stand, so when Megan starts moaning about Charity, he snaps and the pair end up having a row. Later, Jai flirts with Leyla and she’s clearly enjoying the attention. But when Megan interrupts them, Leyla can’t help but feel a pang of jealousy.