Beth is disappointed when Gilly tells her Sarah was the ‘real deal’ for Rhys. But when Gilly imaginatively manages to shift a load of torches during the blackout, Beth sees him in a new light and the pair end up sharing a kiss. Meanwhile, Rhys and Sarah grow closer.

Tina is furious at Pete for confiscating her mobile after he sees her reading a text in the office. Later, Dom disappoints Tina when he tries to apologise for inviting Pete to the flat but argues that being friendly with him can only help her.

Tina ends up confiding in Russ and is relieved to find someone else can see Pete for who he really is. Later, a fed up Tina defies Pete’s order to stay behind after the PTA meeting but finds herself trapped in the office with him when the power goes out.

Danny does a good job on the Christmas lights at Drive ‘N’ Buy, but manages to cause a power failure in the village. When he tries to fix the problem, an electric shock sends him flying backwards. Anxious Hannah cradles Danny’s head in her lap as Justin and Katy wonder whether to call an ambulance.

Also, John-Paul agrees to take on Kris.