After finding a man, Alan Marlowe, badly beaten, Pcs Sally Armstrong and Beth Green look into Alan’s movements the previous night and discover that he argued with a teen runaway called Lucy Burton. As Sally and Beth quiz Lucy at home, Beth bonds with Lucy, but Lucy refuses to say anything about her run-in with Alan.

Meanwhile, Alan regains consciousness, and DS Stuart Turner and DC Terry Perkins question him in hospital, where his wife, Fiona, reveals that Lucy is her daughter. Questions are raised about Lucy’s overprotective boyfriend, Mark Lawrence but he swears he didn’t attack Alan. Later, Fiona admits to the attack – but is she covering for someone?

Later, as Beth waits to go to the pub with the boys, Mark arrives for Lucy, and the two share some friendly banter. Beth watches as Mark and Lucy head off together, hopeful of good things for Lucy. But is Mark really Mr Nice Guy?

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